Investing in an expert recruitment team to help find the perfect participants for your usability testing sessions can offer you numerous benefits, starting with reduced bias and an impartial selection process that has been tried and tested. Not only is user recruitment time-consuming, but it can prove even harder when done on an intermittent basis, which is why working with the right supplier frees you up to do what really matters.

We can recruit for:
  • Website testing
  • App testing
  • Testing of emerging technology, products and services
  • Prototype validation
  • Concept testing
  • Sessions using biometric tools, such as eye-tracking
  • Problem discovery
  • Learnability sessions
  • Any other kind of face-to-face and remote testing sessions
Why our user recruitment service is different:
  • Two-stage screening and three-stage confirmation process
  • Facility booking
  • Guidance on lead time and appropriate incentives, as well as incentive provision
  • Assistance with the creation of your brief
  • Advice on the feasibility of your personas
  • Recruitment from customer lists
  • Fully GDPR-compliant process

“Recruiting users with a suitable background was paramount for the project and we wouldn’t have been able to do it so swiftly without People for Research. The participants were all perfectly suited to the tasks we wanted them to undertake.”

British Heart Foundation