Remote research is easier to fit into the participant's day, as there is no need for travel and no cost required to get to the session, which means a broader mix of people can participate. However, there are also constraints when conducting remote research: these could be technical or a higher probability of having to deal with drop-outs, among others.

We can recruit for:
  • Online interviews
  • Phone interviews
  • Online usability testing
  • Remote concept testing
  • Concept testing
  • Remote diary studies
  • Any other kind of remote moderated session
Why our user recruitment service is different:
  • Reduced risk of drop-outs thanks to our engaged community and recruitment methods
  • Two-stage screening and three-stage confirmation process
  • Advice on appropriate incentives and incentive provision
  • Assistance with the creation of your brief
  • Advice on the feasibility of your personas
  • Recruitment from customer lists
  • Fully GDPR-compliant process
  • Assistance with logistics and technical support
  • Advice on remote research and testing tools

“We've had great experiences with the PFR team. They deliver smart, efficient service, responding to briefs with engaging and creative screeners and advertising. The project managers are really thorough, and always on top of timings and logistics. We've found the participants recruited to be great quality and enthusiastic.”