We are here to empower businesses in the UK and overseas to contribute to the design and development of products and services. At PFR, we are setting the standard for recruitment of professionals and business owners for user research and fully understand the need to consult with this user group.

With a dedicated team of professional participant recruiters, specialised in identifying, engaging, and screening high-calibre profiles, we have extensive experience recruiting skilled professionals and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. This includes senior professionals, experts in niche industries/roles, limited business owners – from small to big companies –, sole traders, and freelancers.

What we can recruit for:
  • In-person research and testing sessions
  • Remote moderated and unmoderated studies
  • Digital transformation programmes
  • High-volume surveys
  • Concept testing
  • Assistance with logistics and technical support
  • Any other kind of business-focussed session
Why our recruitment service is different:
  • Our own community of business owners and professionals
  • Robust free find and research methods
  • Two-stage screening and three-stage confirmation process
  • Guidance on lead time and appropriate incentives
  • Concept testing
  • Incentive provision
  • Advice on any business recruitment brief
  • Support at the initial stages of profiling
  • Bespoke approach throughout the recruitment process
  • Ability to recruit in multiple countries simultaneously
  • Dedicated team with extensive experience recruiting skilled professionals and business owners
  • Facility booking
  • Fully GDPR-compliant process

“PFR are our favourite agency to work with, we feel that they are a partner rather than a supplier. They always ensure they understand your brief, flag any issues early on, they’re realistic in their timings and will go above and beyond when you need them to – what more could you ask for!”